Counseling for adolescents and adults in the Dover NH area.


Philosophy and Mission
My mission is to provide compassionate, confidential counseling, to individuals and couples in a relaxing, safe environment in Dover NH.


My approach to treatment varies depending on the issue we are trying to address. I typically work to identify what it is my client's would like to accomplish in treatment and then what the best approach would be to get there. This often involves incorporating various models of therapy. While there may not be a one size fits all approach to therapy, it is my belief that cognitive behavioral therapy is the most effective form of treatment to address most issues. Cognitive behavioral therapy focuses on the important role of thinking in how we feel and ultimately how we behave. If a person is able to change certain aspects of their thinking, feelings and behaviors will be soon to follow.

In addition to cognitive behavioral therapy, I also utilize solution-focused therapy in certain cases. Solution-focused therapy focuses on solutions to problems rather than the problems themselves.  It is a brief form of therapy that stresses the resources and skills client's possess.  Its emphasis is on the future and not the past.

These are just a couple of approaches that I believe in that may be effective for you.  This is not an all-inclusive list of the forms of treatment that can or will be utilized. As a whole, my philosophy is to use what works and it will be our mission to work in a collaborative effort to identify your goals of therapy and to build the road map to get to them.

Shawn Teal, M.S., MBA, LMHC
6 Old Rochester Rd Suite 302 Dover NH 03820